Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a nationwide online directory that helps dog owners find professional dog groomers in their area. It also provides a platform for dog groomers to create and manage their business profiles online.

How can I use as a dog owner?

As a dog owner, you can simply enter your location, browse through groomer profiles, and contact groomers directly to book an appointment for your pet. Find your groomer here!

Is available nationwide?

Yes, covers dog groomers all across the United States, making it a comprehensive resource for dog owners.

Can I search for specific grooming services, such as mobile grooming or special breed grooming?

Absolutely! You can filter your search based on specific grooming services and even search for groomers specializing in certain dog breeds.

How can dog groomers benefit from

Dog groomers can create a business profile, gain online visibility, and receive leads from potential clients through our platform.

Is it free for dog groomers to create a business profile?

No, We offer 2 different plan options to choose from. Please visit our pricing page to learn more about the different plans we currently offer.

Why is there not a free listing option?

We prioritize the verification of dog groomers and grooming shop owners to ensure their legitimacy and commitment to their businesses. Requiring payment information during registration serves as a significant step in confirming their authenticity. This process helps maintain the quality and credibility of our platform, ensuring that only serious individuals and businesses can create profiles.

What are the benefits of a premium business profile?

Premium profiles receive priority placement in search results, the ability to showcase more photos and services, and access to advanced marketing tools.

How do I claim or create my business profile on

Simply sign up, create an account, and follow the step-by-step instructions to add or claim your business profile.

Can I update my business information on my profile?

Yes, you can edit and update your business information at any time through your account dashboard.

How do I contact a dog groomer through the website?

You can contact a groomer directly through their profile page by using the provided contact information or any contact forms they may have.

Is there a mobile app for

We currently do not have a mobile app, but our website is fully optimized for mobile use.

Can I report a problem or inappropriate content on the website?

Yes, we have a reporting system in place. If you encounter any issues or inappropriate content, please use the provided reporting tools.

Is my personal information safe when using

We take your privacy seriously and have security measures in place to protect your personal information. Please review our Privacy Policy for more details.

How can I provide feedback or get in touch with customer support?

You can contact our customer support team through the Contact Us page on the website. We appreciate your feedback and are here to assist you.

Want to become a groomer?

It’s easy and you can make a profile absolutely FREE!